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Success starts  from having an inner belief that-- YOU CAN --and--YOU WILL--no matter what your circumstances are--no matter what anyone says . Of course, if you want  to be the fastest person in the world to run a mile  but you have no legs,  then you may think its unrealistic  -- or is it ? People put  a limit  on what they can achieve and do so for many reasons  You just can't sit in a chair and expect to get what you want without   a plan , a driving force  ,  passion  and a  complete belief that you will achieve and won't stop until you do. If you dont really want it, it doesnt matter . If you do want it you  will find a way and make it happen. Now can a person with no legs  run the fastest mile on earth -- sure its possible - think about it -Oscar Pistorius, then think about what's stopping you from having what you really want . Have you limited yourself . Be the person you want  to be


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